Introducing City Road Online

City Road Online is a new online training platform born both of the particular constraints of this strange time and also of a vision that myself and BJ have long dreamed about.

The philosophy is simple. We are a community united by the idea that training is critical for creating a good life: a healthy, happy and high-performing life. We like to move our bodies; we like to see what our bodies are capable of. However, although united by this idea, we are all also individuals: we have particular goals, particular constraints, particular preferences, especially now.

To account for this, City Road Online is a customisable online training programme that delivers health and high-performance within the context of your goals and preferences, all for just £30 per month.

What is City Road Online?

Check out the video above for an overview of the City Road Online platform and what it’s all about.

With City Road Online you get all of the following:

— Access to a training programme that fits with your goals: The Base Programme (our default strength & conditioning option), The Strength & Power Focus Programme, The Weightlifting Focus Programme, The Endurance Focus Programme, The Gymnastics Focus Programme OR a bespoke combination of these elements

— 5-6 workouts per week, delivered straight to your phone (via the app) and email inbox daily.

— Workout guidance and notes, including weight percentages, heart rate zones, breathing strategies and metcon approaches.

Full warmups including follow-along warmup videos

Skills progressions with accompanying video guides

A full Mobility Programme with accompanying videos

Movement and scaling options for all ability levels and equipment constraints

Weekly video programme updates from your head coaches: BJ and myself!

Workout logging so you know what you did last week and what to do this week!

Video upload feature to allow our coaches to feedback on your form

Access to a private WhatsApp group with our coaches

All for £30pcm or £50pcm with access to virtual classes

Who is City Road Online for?

City Road Online is for:

— Anyone who is pursuing health, happiness and high-performance. Anyone who is training for optimal health and exceptional human performance.

— Anyone who currently trains alone and wants guidance for more structured, progressive and systematic workouts.

— People training in the gym AND people training at home.

— Anyone with a particular interest in developing their capacity in: strength, power, weightlifting, endurance and gymnastics.

— All levels of athletes. This programme will work for both beginner and advanced trainees

How does City Road Online work?

Check out the video above for a sneak peek of the City Road Online platform, delivered through True Coach. If you’d like to join our growing community on City Road Online, simply subscribe here.

Overview of The Base Programme

Check out the video below to learn more about the Base Programme, who it’s for and how it’s structured

The Mobility Programme:

City Road Online includes a 6 day per week Mobility Programme with full guided videos. Breathing is a fundamental part of our mobility approach too. Find out more about the Mobility Programme below:

If you have any questions, let me know at

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